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Drip irrigation organosilicon organic fertilizer

Drip irrigation organosilicon organic fertilizer is a kind of multi-element water-soluble organic-inorganic fertilizer made of new organosilicon materials, high active organic matter and N-P-K by special process. The product contains more than 35% organic matter, more than 3% active silicon, more than 20% fulvic acid and 30% N-P-K. The product improves soil ecological environment, maintains soil balance, practices zero growth of chemical fertilizer, and takes care of crop、fruit、vegetables and tea.

Product function

Super water soluble: select high-quality organic materials, high activation treatment, disintegration speed, high utilization rate, drip irrigation, spray.

Soil fertility: it contains the necessary nutrients for crops, quickly replenishes soil active organic matter, accelerates the turnover of effective nutrients, balances the ratio of carbon to nitrogen, promotes the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms, improves soil fertility, and eliminates continuous cropping obstacles;

Breaking hardening: due to its special soil affinity, organosilicon can rapidly form aggregate structure, break soil hardening, improve water, fertilizer, gas and heat regulation functions, create a good ecological environment for root growth, and promote root development and plant health;

Quality improvement and efficiency enhancement: high content of active fulvic acid can stimulate cell division, regulate nutrient balance, promote early flowering and fruit setting of crop seedlings, with uniform fruit size, bright color, high sugar content, high quality and yield;

Regulation mechanism: organosilicon element can promote the keratinization of epidermal cells, regulate the opening and closing of leaf stomata, control the water transpiration in the body, improve the ability of resistance to drought, cold, disease and insect, and realize the scientific use of fertilizer.

Application method

It is suitable for all kinds of crops and special crops such as melon and fruit, tobacco, cabbage, etc. The crops can be drip irrigated all the way, and can also be used as manure and topdressing

Suggestions: vegetables, 5-10kg/mu, 10-15 days interval, 50-75kg/mu for field crops, 25-50kg/mu for topdressing,each time 50-75kg/mu for fruit trees, young trees and 75-100kg/mu for adults.

Package specification

10kg/bag × 2bags/case