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The organosilicon large element water-soluble fertilizer is made of high-quality industrial raw materials, with the characteristics of full water-soluble and high utilization rate, which meets the use requirements of modern agricultural irrigation and drip irrigation, as well as the development direction of national weight loss and efficiency, ecological and environmental protection.

According to the ratio of N-P-K, it can be divided into high nitrogen type, high phosphorus type, high potassium type and balanced type, which are applied to different crops and different growth stages of crops.

Product classification

High nitrogen type

The ratio includes: 30-10-10+TE, 22-14-14+TE, 27-13-10+TE

Suitable crops: suitable for all kinds of crops seedling, early topdressing and foliage vegetables whole growth period topdressing. 4-5 kg/Mu at seedling stage and 10-15 kg/Mu at maturity stage.

High phosphorus type

The ratio includes: 15-35-10+TE.

Suitable crops are suitable for root development and rapid growth of root, stem and leaf, which play an important role in fruit formation and development.

High potassium type

The ratio includes: 15-7-28+TE, 10-5-35+TE

Suitable crops: it is widely used in eggplant fruit expanding stage and coloring stage; It is suitable for tuber expansion stage.

Balanced type

The ratio includes: 20-20-20+TE, 20-10-20+TE

Suitable crops: suitable for high economic value crops and legume crops.

Product function

Improve the soil

It can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, break the soil hardening, and enhance the root respiratory function.

High utilization rate

It dissolves rapidly and has special soil affinity, so the fertilizer is not lost and the utilization rate is doubled.

Significant increase in production

Compared with the conventional fertilizer, it can meet the needs of crops in many aspects, and increase the yield significantly by reasonable application.

Improve quality

The balanced absorption of multiple elements can effectively improve the quality and flavor of agricultural products.

Disease and insect resistance

Promote the stem and leaf epidermis cell wall thickening, cuticle increase, improve the resistance to diseases and pests.

Strong resistance

Improve the ability of drought resistance, cold resistance, lodging resistance, acid resistance and saline alkali resistance of crops.

Preservation prolongation

Improve the ability of anti bacteria and anti-oxidation of agricultural products, prolong the shelf life and shelf life.

Application method

Sprinkle with water or drip irrigation, 4-5 kg/mu at seedling stage, 10-15 kg/mu at mature stage. The specific amount can be adjusted according to the local soil fertility and fertilizer use habits. Greenhouse is usually 7-10 days, open field is 10-15 days. According to the frequency of application and crop development, the amount of fertilizer should be increased or decreased.

Package specification: 5kg/bag, 20kg/bag.